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Discover the Key Reasons to Own a New Ford SUV

The demand for SUV vehicles like the Ford Explorer or EcoSport has increased significantly in recent years. This move has been due in no small part to these vehicles' reliability, versatility and safety. On top of that, these vehicles offer you convenience and peace of mind when traveling with kids, whether on long road trips or just running errands around town. If you are considering if a Ford SUV from Keith White Ford is the right option for your new vehicle, take a look at some of the advantages that these models have.


Choosing a Ford SUV is one of the best options if you need a vehicle that has enough room to haul a lot of cargo but at the same time can comfortably seat five or more people on trips around Summit, MS. Plus, you can adjust the seating configuration depending on how you want to use the vehicle. If you want more cargo area for hauling groceries, luggage or furniture, Ford SUVs like the Ford Edge allow you to fold down some or all of the rear seats to expand the cargo space.

Safety and Security

SUV vehicles fair better in accidents than most other body styles. Ford SUVs, especially, are designed with lots of great safety features such as stability control, adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist and more driver-assist features to keep you safe and secured throughout Magnolia, MS.


SUVs like the Escape or Expedition are built tougher than many other cars. They're built with high-strength steel frames that can withstand crashes and absorb the shock seamlessly. These vehicles also have higher ground clearance, which helps prevent rocks and other debris from hitting under the car, and Ford manufactures their vehicles to exacting standards, ensuring you'll get a top-quality ride.


SUVs like the Ford Bronco Sport are usually much more powerful than sedans. They have larger engines that allow them to accelerate quickly to reach top speeds and haul heavy loads on your next trip out of Tylertown.

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