Ford Escape Interior Features Overview for 2019

The Ford Escape has been on the top list for compact SUVs for some time. The 2019 models are no exception. With a superior performance rating, the interior features on the Ford Escape set it apart from competition even further. The new models have a more spacious cabin, but the handsome styling makes it better than others in the same class. That must be why it’s ranked second in the compact SUV market by US News & World Report.

Build quality is excellent for the Escape inside. The cabin is remarkably noise-free on the highway, despite acceleration and bumps in the highway. Seating is comfortable, able to seat 5 people easily. There’s also a lot of upgrades to improve upon the interior, such as leather seating and leather-wrapped steering wheel.

The tech inside also makes it more convenient and safe to drive the Escape. Whether for your daily commute or long road trips, the Escape can do it all. Schedule a test drive at Keith White Ford-Lincoln located in McComb.



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