Automated Key Functions in the Ford Expedition

When you're driving, there are certain functions that you perform over and over. At Keith White Ford-Lincoln, we like to find a vehicle that uses technology to automate those tasks. That's where the Ford Expedition, a popular full-size SUV, stands out from the crowd.

Do you ever use your high beams after dark? With the Expedition, you only need to turn them on once. Then, the auto high-beams kick into gear; they monitor the cars in front of you and brighten the lights automatically when it's safe to do so. All you need to do is enjoy the enhanced visibility.

When a vehicle in front of you slows suddenly, response time is key. That's why the Expedition comes standard with automatic emergency braking. It senses when there's an obstacle; if you can't stop in time, it engages the brakes to increase your safety. Find out how it works by coming to see us for a test-drive around Mccomb in the Expedition.


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