Available with an elongated wheelbase and high roof design, the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon is a versatile van that may be transformed into a custom motor home with a Class B rating. From kitchen appliances and flat-screen TVs to furniture and storage units, this model is available with a variety of custom installations that are optimized for road trips.

Depending on your travel plans, you can select the most appropriate powertrain for the Transit Passenger Wagon. Running on diesel, the 3.2 L Power Stroke engine block cranks out 350 lb-ft of net torque. This I-5 engine is also compatible with the B20 diesel fuel. Gasoline is burned by the Ti-VCT and EcoBoost engines that are available for this premium Ford van. You should ask Keith White Ford for more technical specifications on this custom model that's designed to embark on long journeys. Buyers should carefully examine the payload and towing capacities based on the wheelbase.



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