Get to Know Ford Fusion Tech Features

Ford Fusion tech features are a sweet selling point for us here at Keith White Ford-Lincoln. More than just selling vehicles, we aim to match you with a vehicle that brings long term value and convenience to you while maintaining optimal efficiency. Luckily, the Ford Fusion fits this description to the tee.

Ford Fusion gives you three energy modes to choose from. You can use EV Now, which is primarily plug-in energy, or EV Later, which saves plug-in energy for later. Auto EV uses plug-in energy for the most part, tapping into the gas engine as needed. All modes get great city/highway mileage without producing harmful emissions.

FordConnect creates an in-cabin Wi-Fi network. AT&T powers the network, which gets 4G LTE speeds. Connect up to 10 devices simultaneously, and enjoy a wireless range of up to 50 feet during your morning commute, weekend trips or extended journeys. Experience FordConnect for yourself. Swing by our Ford dealership today for a test drive.



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