The Ford C-Max Offers Performance Surprises

Built for fuel efficiency, compact hybrids have a tame reputation. With the C-Max, Ford breaks from that rep. At Keith White Ford-Lincoln, we proudly sell this car, and we happily share its performance features with you now.

Ford paired this hybrid's electric motor with a 2.0L iVCT Atkinson-cycle I-4 engine. Atkinson-cycle technology enables four piston strokes for every crankshaft revolution, which improves horsepower output. C-Max's engine and motor combine to give the car more horsepower than any other hybrid in its class.

The automaker's engineers also built an ingenious transmission into the C-Max. Called the eCVT, which is short for electronically controlled, continuously variable transmission, this proprietary system motivates the C-Max without hard gear-shifting. We are sure you will love the seamless driving experience provided by C-Max's eCVT technology!

To experience each of the Ford C-Max's performance aspects, we invite you to visit our Mccomb showroom for a test drive today! 
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