Why Tire Pressure Matters To You And Your Vehicle

Most people think regulating tire pressure means a stop at the gas station to fill up on air. Underinflated tires will wreak havoc on your car and your wallet. The lack of air makes the tire flat and soft, creating more friction on the road. This makes your engine work harder to turn the wheels and results in poor gas mileage. It also makes the tire wear down faster and unevenly.

However, overinflated tires are equally detrimental to your vehicle. An overinflated tire causes the car to ride unevenly on the tire because the tire bulges out and creates a thin strip that contacts the road. This can have negative effects on the tire tread, drivetrain, and engine.

The absolute best way to maintain the appropriate level of tire pressure is to take it to Keith White Ford-Lincoln. The professionals there will tell you the correct level (because the amount on the side of your tire is not necessarily the best for your vehicle) and check to make sure your tires are at optimal performance.

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