The 2017 Ford Escape: Getting Car Seat Basics Right

Installing a car seat isn't brain surgery. In fact, after you've installed one, it's not hard to figure out the rest of them going forward. Not that that stops them from being a supreme pain in the butt every time. Think we're exaggerating? People spend hundreds of dollars specifically on car seats that install more easily. They wouldn't spend that kind of money if car seats were convenient.

The thing is? A car can sometimes be as much of a problem as much of a problem as a car seat. Many vehicles simply aren't optimized to carry car seats and offer poor versions of the essentials needed for a smooth experience.

The 2017 Ford Escape does the exact opposite.

Its five-seat interior boasts a spacious design that has plenty of room for car seats of all types and sizes. If you're tired of losing leg room up front because of a car seat behind you, the Escape is your car. It also has some of the best latches and tether anchors on the market. Rather than stuffing the latches deep between the seat cushions in a silly attempt to hide them, the Escape leaves them out in the open where they're easy to find and use.

Little things like that can often make the biggest difference when it comes to convenience. Come on down to Keith White Ford-Lincoln and let us tell you about all the other great things (little and big) that the Escape does. We can also show you our inventory of new Ford cars. Our location in Mccomb, MS has a great selection that we're sure you'll love.

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